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too taakur tum pehe ardaas. jee-o pindd sabh teree raas.

You are our Lord and Master; to You, I offer this prayer. This body and soul are all Your property.

tum maat pitaa ham baarik tere. tumree kripaa meh sookh ghaney-re.

You are our mother and father; we are Your children. In Your Grace, there are so many joys!

ko-e naa jaanai tumraa ant. ooche te oochaa bhagvant.

No one knows Your limits. O Highest of the High, Most Generous God,

sagal samagree tumrai sootr dhaaree. tum te ho-e so aagi-aa-kaaree.

The whole creation is strung on Your thread. That which has come from You is under Your Command.

tumree gat mit tum hee jaanee. naanak daas sadaa kurbaanee

You alone know Your state and extent. Nanak, Your slave, is forever a sacrifice. ||8||4||

ardaas (supplication)

ik-onkaar, vaaheguroo jee kee fateh.

There is one God. All Victory belongs to God.

siree bhagautee hee s-haa-e. vaar siree bhagautee jee kee paat-shaa-hee dasvee.

May the dynamic power of God help us. The Vaar (poetic verse) of Sri Bhagauti,

composed by the tenth king.

pritam bhagautee simar kai, guroo naanak le-ee dhi-aa-e.

Having first involved the dynamic power of God, call on Guru Nanak.

fir angad gur, te amar daas, raam daa-sai ho-ee s-haa-e.

Then on Angad Guru, Amar Das and Ram Das, may they ever protect us.

arjan, har-gobind no, simro siree har raa-e. siree har-krishan dhi-aa-ee-e jis dit-tai sabh

dukh jaa-e.

Then call on Arjan, and Har Gobind, holy Har Rai and on Har Krishan, whose sight

dispels all sorrows.

teg bahaadar sim-ree-ai, ghar nau nidh aavai dhaa-e. sabh thaa-ee ho-e s-haa-e.

Then remember Teg Bahadur by whose remembrance the nine treasures come hurrying

to ones home. Be ever with us O Masters.

dasvaan paat-shaah, siree guroo gobind singh saahib jee! sabh thaa-ee ho-e s-haa-e.

May the tenth king, Guru Gobind Singh be ever on our side.

dasaan paat-shaa-hee-aan dee jot siree guroo granth saahib jee de paat didaar daa dhiaan

dhar ke, bolo Ji vaaheguroo!

Let us now turn our thoughts to the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib, the visible

embodiment of the ten Gurus and utter, O Khalsa Ji, Vaheguru (glory be to God).

panjaan pi-aa-ri-aan, chau-haan saahib-zaadi-aan, Chaalee-aan mukti-aan, hat-tee-aan,

jap-ee-aan, tap-ee-aan, jin-aan ne naam japi-aa, vand shaki-aa, degh chalaa-ee, tegh

vaa-hee, dekh ke ann-ditt keetaa; tin-aa pi-aa-ri-aan, sachi-aa-ri-aan dee kamaa-ee daa

dhi-aan dhar ke, khaalsa jee! bolo jee vaaheguroo!

The five Beloved Ones, the four Sahibzaade (sons of the tenth Master), the forty

emancipated ones, the martyrs, the true disciples, the contemplators of God, and those

who remained steadfast on the path of Dharma, remember their glorious deeds and utter

O Khalsa Ji, Vaheguru.

jin-haan singh-aan singh-nee-aan ne dharam heyt sees dite, band band kat-taa-e, khopree-

aan lu-haa-eeaan, charak-ree-aan te charre, aari-aan naal ch-raa-e gi-e, gurd-vaariaan

dee seva le-ee kurbaanee-aan keetee-aan, dharam nehee haari-aa, sikhi ke-saan,

su-aa-saan naal ni-baa-ee, tinaan dee kamaa-ee daa dhi-aan dhar ke khaalsa jee! bolo

jee vaaheguroo!

Those who dwelled on God's Name, shared their honest earnings with others, wielded

sword in battlefield, distributed food in companionship, offered their heads at the altar of

Dharma, were cut up limb by limb, skinned alive, boiled or sawn alive, but did not utter a

sigh nor faltered in their faith, kept the sanctity of their hair until their last breath,

sacrificed their lives for the sanctity of Gurdwaras; remember their glorious deeds and

utter O Khalsa Ji, Vaheguru.

panjaan takh-taan, sarbat gurd-vaari-aan daa dhi-aan dhar ke, bolo jee vaaheguroo!

Turn your thoughts to the five Takhats (seats of Sikh authority) and all the Gurdwaras

and utter O Khalsa, Vaheguru.

prith-me sarbat khaalsa jee kee ardaas hai jee. sarbat khaalsa jee ko ‘vaaheguroo,

vaaheguroo, vaaheguroo’ chit aave, chit aavan kaa sadkaa sarab sukh hove.

jaa-haan jaa-haan khaalsa jee saahib, taa-haan taa-haan rachhi-aan ri-aa-et,

degh tegh fateh, birad kee paij, panth kee jeet, siree saahib jee s-haa-e, khaalsa jee ke

bol baale, bolo jee vaaheguroo!

First, there is supplication for all the Khalsa Panth. May the Lord bestow upon His

Khalsa the gift of His remembrance, Vaheguru, Vaheguru,Vaheguru, and may the merit

of this remembrance be happiness of all kinds. O God, wherever are the members of

Khalsa, extend Your protection and mercy on them; let the Panth be ever victorious, let

the sword be ever our protector. May the order of the Khalsa achieve ever-expanding

progress and supremacy. Utter O Khalsa, Vaheguru.

sikhaan noo sikhi daan, kes daan, rehat daan, bi-bek daan, vi-saah daan, bharosaa

daan, daanaan sir daan, naam daan, siree amritsar jee de ishnaan,

May God grant to the Sikhs, the gift of faith, the gift of uncut hair, the Keshas, the gift of

discipline, the gift of spiritual discrimination, the gift of mutual trust, the gift of self

confidence and the supreme gift of all the gifts, the communion with Vaheguru, the

Name, and the gift of bathing in Amritsar,

chaun-kee-aan, jhan-de, bunge, jugo jug attal, dharam kaa jaikaar, bolo jee


May the administrative centres, banners, the cantonments of Khalsa ever remain

inviolate. May the cause of truth and justice prevail everywhere at all times, utter O

Khalsa, Vaheguru.

sikhaa da man neevaan, mat uchee. mat daa raa-kaa, aap vaaheguroo.

May the minds of Sikhs remain humble, and their wisdom exalted. Vaheguru you are the

protector of wisdom.

he akaal purkh, apne panth de sadaa s-haa-ee daataar jee-o! siree nan-kaa-naa saahib

te hor gurd-vaari-aan gur-dhaamaan de, jin-haan to panth noo vichhori-aa gi-aa hai, khule

darshan didaar, te seva sambaal daa daan khaalsa jee noo bakhsho.

Almighty Lord! Our helper and protector ever, restore to us the right and privilege of

unhindered and free service and access to Nanakana Sahib and other centers of Sikh

religion from which we have been separated.

he ni-maani-aan de maan, ni-taani-aan de taan, ni-ohtti-aan di ohtt, sache pitaa

vaaheguroo! aap de hazoor ardaas hai jee…[purpose of the ardaas].

God, the Helper of the helpless, the Strength of the weak, the Supporter of the fallen, the

true father of all, (here the specific purpose and the occasion for the supplication is

stated by the person leading in the supplication and the blessings and aid of God are


akhar vaadhaa ghaataa bhul chuk maaf karnee. sarbat de kaaraj raas karne. se-ee piaa-

re meyl, jinhaan mili-aa teraa baam chit aave.

Forgive us O Lord, all our faults, extend Your helping hand to everyone. Grant us the

company of those who may help keep Your Name fresh in our hearts.

naanak naam chardee-kalaa, tere bhaane sarbat daa bhalaa.

May Your Name, the religion preached by Nanak, prevail and prosper forever and ever


vaaheguroo jee ka khaalsa, vaaheguroo jee kee fateh.

The Khalsa belongs to God and to Him the victory, always and forever.

[Now the whole congregation stands and sing in unison the couplet (Dohraa):]

aagi-aa bhe-ee akaal kee, tabai chal-aa-o panth.

sabh sikhan ko hukam hai, guroo maani-o granth.

As was ordained by the Timeless, thus was established the path (Panth). To all Sikhs,

let this be the order, recognise the ‘Holy Granth’ as your Guru.

guroo granth jee maani-o, pragat guraa kee deh.

jo prabh ko mil-bo ch-hai, khoj shabad mil leh.

The reverend Guru Granth is the visible body of the Gurus. Those that seek to have

union with God should delve the Divine Hymns of the Shabad Guru.

raaj karega khaalsa, aakee r-hai naa ko-e.

kvaar ho-e sabh milehn-ge, bache sharan jo Ho-e.

The Sikh people shall remain free and sovereign, always, non-challenging this position.

For, all shall realise, after bitter frustration, that there is no redemption except in the way

of the life that the Khalsa upholds!

[The person leading the Ardaas then loudly chants: "bole so ni-haal" (those who respond will be

blessed) and the congregation then shouts "sat siree akaal” (True is the Immortal Lord)]

vaaheguroo jee ka khaalsa, vaaheguroo jee kee fateh.

The Khalsa belongs to God and to Him the victory, always and forever.

©Sumeet Singh Chahal| All Rights Reserved

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